Spa Body Treatments

Body Contour Wrap

An all-natural wrapping process that actually detoxifies the tissues while producing an inch loss of up to 14 inches. It restores elasticity to loose and sagging skin, helps diminish cellulite, and contours problem areas of the body.
Treatment time: 105 minutes

White Sugar Honey Body Polish

Loaded with luscious sugar to gently exfoliate, honey to nourish and selected oils of Jojoba, Apricot, Borage, Aloe, Olive, and Grape Seed. These oils are highly effective in helping transform dull, dry skin into skin that’s soft and satiny. This polish is great for sensitive skin.
Treatment time: 30 minutes

Citrus Body Polish

Gentle apricot seed powder to exfoliate, sunflower seed oil to moisturize and a botanical blend of lavender, geranium, chamomile and soapwort to nourish the skin, a must before or after a massage. Treatment time: 30 minutes

Indian Sunset Mud Mask

This treatment begins with a citrus exfoliation, followed by warm Sedona mud applied to the entire body. You relax for 30 minutes while the mask indulges your skin by improving circulation and drawing out impurities. The technician then finishes by lightly massaging stimulating oil into the skin.
Treatment time: 75 minutes

Dead Sea Body Paraffin

You begin with a massage of Dead Sea salts and massage oil to detoxify your skin. Next, an active cellulite cream is worked into the skin, followed by warm Dead Sea paraffin. The treatment is finished with a light body massage.
Treatment time: 75 minutes